LA CONCHITA N=AMOUR and other recent films by Christina McPhee

8:30 pm wednesday march 5th 2014
black hole cinematheque/1038 24th street x linden/oakland, ca

***Join us to welcome filmmaker Christina Mcphee in person to present a program of new and recent works***

This program will focus on recent landscape and marine video works shot at sites of environmental crisis by Christina McPhee. Shot in California, Louisiana, and the Gulf of Mexico, and montaged in abstract layers of image, with ambient sound design by the filmmaker and with music composed by three contemporary composers– Ava Mendoza, Pamela Z and Pauline Oliveros.

“Between the hypotheses and processes of scientific investigation and my empirical observations of the life and landscape around us connective threads: ideas. Since 2002 I’ve collaborated with marine biologists, botanists, geologists and micro-climatologists since in a search of this conceptual commons in mediated forms of life. Remote performances in the landscape, acts of documentation, montage/collage of these images of both landscape and the performance attempt to visually map the internal and external ecologies of our minds and spirits within a nature that exceeds the human.” – Christina McPhee

part one : works with ambient sound design by the artist


LA CONCHITA N=AMOUR (excerpt) 21′ 0″ 2008

DEEP HORIZON 7′ 32″ 2010


part two: films with music by composers Mendoza, Z and Oliveros

PENUMBRA BLIND 4′ 55″ 2012 music by Ava Mendoza

SOLAR CIRCUIT PARTS PER MILLION 5′ 02″ 2013 music by Pamela Z

TESSERAE OF VENUS GHOSTDANCE 17′ 44″ ambient sound and music by Pauline Oliveros

Christina McPhee’s practice in media and visual arts deals with topologic poetics. She lives and works in central coast California. Projects on mark-making, inter-subjective names and objects, and tectonic form surround a practice based in site and landscape. Solo museum exhibitions include American University Museum, Washington, DC; Bildmuseet, Umea, Sweden; and Freies Museum, Berlin (video retrospective). She has made works with and for Kunsthalle Detroit Videonale 2014, Bucharest Biennial 3, Museum of Modern Art Medellin; Headlands Center for the Arts, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (with Center for Visual Music), Berkeley Art Museum- Pacific Film Archive, and Documenta 12 Magazine Project. In the Bay Area, her moving images have most recently unfurled at Krowswork, Oakland in 2012, and Joe Goode Annex at Project Artaud (Carbon Song Cycle with Pamela Z), 2014.

For more information about the filmmaker’s practice, please see: “A ‘deep ecology’ of performance, landscape and scientific visualization in Carbon Song Cycle and related films”

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