Andean-Garde: Experimental Documentation in the Andes (1963-2014)

8:30 pm monday september 22 2014
black hole cinematheque
1038 24th street x linden

Black Hole Cinematheque is honored to welcome Peruvian filmmaker/curator Juan Daniel F. Molero in person to present a chronological development of experiments in non-fiction from filmmakers of the Andean region. Critical reflections about representing the other and media’s unifying role to form a community, but also the power of cinema to shake the static politics of a country and to transcend the verbal limitations of communication between cultures.
Presented by Tiempo Libre
Curated by Juan Daniel F. Molero

Revolución / Revolution
Dir. Jorge Sanjinés
9 min – Bolivia – 1963
Made out of fragments of footage filmed while making propaganda documentaries for the state lottery, and edited according to theoreticalprecepts of Soviet montage, Revolución could be considered Bolivia’s first experimental film. In addition to using cinema to resist dictatorships and American imperialism, Jorge Sanjinés was also one of the first to theorize the representation of non-Western subjectivities in cinema.

Vía Satélite: En vivo y en directo / Via Satellite: live
Dir. Armando Robles Godoy
10 min – Perú – 1973
Five radial narrations of the same soccer match of the Peruvian national team juxtaposed with a suggestive montage of empty streets and emblematic monuments of the country’s capital city, Lima. Robles Godoy is Peru’s first and main auteur but still undiscovered for international audiences. His films, like The Green Wall (1970), are a mysterious combination of lyrical images and fragmented structures.

Radio Belén
Dir. Gianfranco Annichini
11 min – Perú -1983
Located in the middle of a market and a port on the Amazon jungle, a poor radio station can only broadcast through speakers. The filmmaker reduces his commentary to a few final shots, the rest is from the voice of the people.

Dir. Kiro Russo
9 min – Bolivia – 2010
The man, the city, the machine. Once he’s up in the Enterprisse, he has to follow the instructions. Russo’s next short film, Juku, premiered at Sundance 2012.

Los abducidos / The Abducted
Dir. Juan Daniel F. Molero
11 min – Perú – 2011
An occidental man with a camera invades a hermetic native village in the middle of the Peruvian jungle, when suddenly strange disappearances start happening in this ethnographical sci-fi film. Molero’s first feature, Reminiscencias (2010), screened at MoMA’s Modern Mondays, Rotterdam and FIDMarseille.

Adelante / Forward
Dir. Miguel Hilari (Bolivia)
11 min – Bolivia – 2014
Energy in a time and space. An exploration of the relationship between dance and ritual. Hilari’s first documentary feature “The Corral and the Wind” premiered at Cinema du Reel 2014 and won best film at FIDOCS in Chile.

Solo puedo mostrarte el color / I can only show you the color Dir. Fernando Vilchez
25 min – Perú – 2014
In the high plateau of the Peruvian jungle, a mining company forces their way into the depths of the forest to search for mineral resources. Known for their fearlessness, the Awajun people stand up to the invaders. But in the fight for their land they are brutally struck down by the government. Violence breeds counter-violence. A video workshop is the way of follow the trail of violence. Short film premiered at Berlinale’s official competition of 2014.

Juan Daniel F. Molero (b. 1987) is a Peruvian filmmaker and cultural producer. Alumni of Trainee Project for Young Film Critics IFFR 2010, Buenos Aires Talents 2010, and Berlinale Talents 2011. His films have screened internationally at places like MoMA, Rotterdam, FIDMarseille, BAFICI, FICValdivia, La Habana and Flaherty NYC. Has programmed for Festival Cine//B in Chile, Festival Lima Independiente and Museum of Art of Lima, in Peru, Cineclub Universidad Central in Colombia, Festival de Cine Radical in Bolivia, and for MassArt Film Society, Nightingale Theatre and Cinema Tropical, in the US.

Tiempo Libre is a cultural organization based in Lima (Peru) created in 2011 by Juan Daniel Molero. It’s a young team focused on the development, promotion and experimentation of a complex audiovisual language via workshops, production, screenings and other moving image events.

***free admission but donations for the traveling filmmaker/curator accepted and encouraged***

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CANDELABRA (Tucker Bennett/2014)

8:30 pm tuesday september 16 2014
black hole cinematheque
1038 24th street x linden

Join us to welcome local cult cinema auteur Tucker Bennett in person to present his new feature length work

“Art school graduate Helene moves back to her hometown of Virginia Beach to find a brokenhearted music scene in despair over a mysterious and tragic death.
Blending aesthetics and conventions of Italian giallo thrillers, rock n’ roll nostalgia films, and teen melodramas, Candelabra amplifies the tenets of a coming-of-age story to a gruesome absurdity, enhancing the macabre of human relationships and creating a new cinematic genre: the Emo Thriller.”

runtime 69 mins.

free and open to the public
(with donations for the filmmaker accepted)

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lol cats
8:30 p.m. tuesday september 9th 2014
black hole cinematheque
1038 24th x linden street oakland

Cinema Babylon is a program of shorts by emerging artist who are exploring both the tropes and excesses of narrative form, and the unraveling structure of avant garde film. Influenced by filmmakers such as George Kuchar, Kenneth Anger, Lewis Klahr, and Ericka Beckman, many of these films remain unseen for being both too narrative and too experimental. This screening is an opportunity to showcase works that abandon the confines of narrative cause and effect for the tenuous logic of a dream.

Join us to welcome filmmakers/programmers Christina Kolozsvary and Michael Bucuzzo in person on tour from Brooklyn, NY to present this program of new works of their own along with the films of Lindsay Denniberg, Rachel Maclean, Gina Marie Napolitan, Mike Olenick, and Stephen Quinlan.

The program is touring with support from the Millenium Film Workshop in NYC.

(screening is free as always but please be prepared to bring donations to help out the travelers!)

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THE TREATMENT (dinner and a movie with LOVEWARZ)

LOVEWARZ THE TREATMENT7:00 pm  tuesday august 26 2014
black hole cinematheque
1038 24th street x linden

“LOVEWARZ (Siobhan Aluvalot+ Xara Thustra) The TREATMENT a 60 Min art!! movie made in 2011!! + a short performance by LOVEWARZ n a free dinner n coffee n tea 7 ta 10? movie at 830sharp? dinner at 7 xoxo hope ta see ya KisssesLOVEWARZ is a colaberation btwn Siobhan Aluvalot n Xara Thustra two bay area artists xo”

THE TREATMENT starring….Mandy Edwards, Anna Luisa Petrisko, Jamie Sharpe, Amie LeeKing, Johan Tristan, Skamber Cita, Scout Festa, Stormy Knight, Theodore Melvin, Siobhan Aluvalot, Ivy Jeanne, Gary Gregerson, Xara Thustra

(free and open to the public but please be prepared to donate some money to the filmmakers/performers who be presenting the show in person)

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No Nothing Years and Beyond – Films by Marian Wallace

gatu2 (1)
8:30 pm tuesday august 19th 2014
black hole cinematheque
1038 24th street x linden

Join us in welcoming Marian Wallace in person to present a night of hand-crafted, mostly non-narrative 16mm films from her SFAI and No Nothing filmmaking days (Ephemerality, Getting At The Underworld, Crayfish of Doom, Project Y, 3 by MW and more), followed by her rarely-shown documentary “After-Crass.” “After-Crass” includes a performance by Penny Rimbaud; an art show of Gee Vaucher’s Crass record-sleeves, collages from back in the day, and more recent paintings; and interviews with both of these Crass founders, by V. Vale of Search & Destroy and RE/Search.

**Marian Wallace and V. Vale in person**

A founding member of the rebel underground fllm collective, No Nothing Cinema, Marian Wallace began making experimental films as a student at SFAI, studying with George Kuchar, Gunvor Nelson, and Lawrence Jordan. After receiving her MFA, she was employed at a film sound studio, going on to work on features (including mixing sound effects for “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” by Francis Ford Coppola). For the past decade she’s produced a monthly talk show with host, V. Vale, for public access television in San Francisco, while continuing to work on experimenal films, printmaking and painting, and also co-publishing RE/Search books and zines.

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Word War Disney Wolves (A-Z) and TM – the found footage films of Pablo Marin

word war disney wolves
8:30 pm monday august 11th 2014
black hole cinematheque
1038 24th street x linden/oakland

Join us to welcome Argentine filmmaker Pablo Marin in person from Buenos Aires to present the second of two bay area screenings of his extraordinary works in super 8mm and 16mm. The first of which will be presented by San Francisco Cinematheque at ATA in San Francisco on August 9th (
Tonight’s program will focus on some of his masterful manipulations of archival and “found footage” films.


TM (2008, 16mm, b&w – color, sound, 2 min.)

“TM stands for “tuyo/mío” (“yours/mine” in Spanish): an idea related to found footage practice but also to the hypnotic rhythm of 35mm film frames cut in half by a 16mm film projector. What you hear is what you originally saw.”

Word War Disney Wolves (A-Z) (2009, Super 8, b&w – color, sound, 45 min.)

“A snowball holds an anthology of detachments in its core. For years I accumulated Super 8 prints of all sorts of stuff… unknowns home movies, reduction prints from Disney and Universal, weird old porn, souvenir/postcard films, nature documentaries, those few-feet-long films you find inside projectors bought at sale auctions, etc… This long film comes out as a result of that personal depository of found images -and a few discarded rolls of footage of my own- being set into motion to abandon the stillness of the archive and become active. In its progressive alphabetical array the film disintegrates all individual syntaxis in benefit of a collective purpose. But what purpose?… not so much a conceptual or structural creature I like to think of this as a museum of jump cuts across time and space. “
Pablo Marin is a filmmaker, editor, teacher, writer and translator. He has presented Argentine experimental film programs in the United States, Canada and Spain. In 2014 he was artist in residence at the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT), Canada. He lives and works in Buenos Aires.
admission is free as always but please be prepared to bring donations for the traveling filmmaker!

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We Live In Cities: Films by Steve Polta

Snapshot 2014-07-13 15-22-00
8:30 pm/Tuesday/August 12/2014
black hole cinematheque
1038 24th x linden/oakland

We Live In Cities: Films by Steve Polta
**Steve Polta in person**

“Bay Area artist Steve Polta has been producing a body of films, mostly on Super 8, over the past two decades that are as exquisitely nuanced as they are rarely seen. Each film presents a narrow window onto the ordinary world, prodded by subtle observation until it yields images of ethereal beauty.” (Rick Bahto: Echo Park Film Center)

“In 1997A Arrival and 1997B Departure the elements of a profoundly defocused lens distort a transit tunnel into a portal between worlds, traversed by color-spiked forms. And in Picture Window the picture verges on pure black, the barest hint of an image causing the screen to reverberate between a window and a surface plane. It’s the texture of the image that constitutes the film, the essence of a film, which one can reveal only by opening the window hidden in every screen.” (Brian L. Frye, The New Science of the Cinema in Radical Light: Alternative Film in the San Francisco Bay Area 1945–2000.)

Program will include:

Red Sketch (1997c) (1997)

interval Oakland 99 (2000)

Departure (1997c) (1997)

Picture Window (1996a) (1996)

Minnesota Landscape (1997)

Estuary #1 (1998)

The Berries (2000)

Summer Rain for LMC, side A (2007/2011)

Summer Rain for LMC, side B (2007/2011)

A House Full of Dust (2007)

Steve Polta is a San Francisco taxi driver, a filmmaker, occasional writer and occasional historian. He is also the Archivist and Artistic Director of San Francisco Cinematheque. He is a recent contributor to INCITE! Journal of Experimental Media and Radical Light: Artists Film and Video in the San Francisco Bay Area: 1945–2000. His films have screened at—among other venues—Anthology Film Archives, the Chicago 8 Small Gauge Film Festival, the Images Festival, the Museum of Modern Art, the New York Film Festival’s Views from the Avant-Garde, the Pacific Film Archive, the Robert Beck Memorial Cinema and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

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